Well-Being Workshops that Promote Positive Self-Belief!

“It was a beautiful experience.” (Mr Christian Sharp, Head Teacher, Morville C of E Primary School)

I have combined my love of writing stories and teaching self empowerment and I am now educating Primary aged children about how to build their own self-esteem and well-being. The workshops give children the time to explore what is important to them and their hopes and dreams now and for their future. They learn about the power of gratitude, practising daily I am statements, (affirmations) that empower children to have a positive outlook and promote self-belief. Children learn about the power of meditation and the qualities of kindness and empathy and how they can have a major impact on their lives.

Recently I worked with Key Stage 2 children at Morville C of E Primary School. I witnessed children becoming more self confident, building their self-esteem, becoming inspired and enthusiastic. Children were excited to talk about their dream futures. It was magical for me to see children’s self-esteem soaring before my eyes!

I am honoured to be able to work with children and support them to be happy and build their confidence with simple, daily, healthy practices. It is so exciting to share with children the opportunities that are available to them and that the possibilities they have in their lifetime are limitless!

Here are some comments from the Head Teacher Mr Christian Sharp from Morville C of E Primary, Bridgnorth in Shropshire:

I asked Mr Sharp if schools nationally would benefit from the workshops?

“Yes, undoubtedly, it is a big thing in education at the moment, well-being, emotional intelligence, the ability to be robust is what children need. It’s a difficult curriculum, it’s a pressurised curriculum and it is something I think all schools need to build in and actually make a foundation of and grow from there, rather than have it as a peripheral activity.”

I also asked Mr Sharp about the benefits of the workshops to children at the school

 “They love the ethos behind the story. Everyone has an inner greatness that shines through. They like the practical idea of putting on some glasses and it changing their view of the world.

We’ve seen a rise in well-being over the two weeks we’ve been doing the workshops, especially in the very nervous children, the least confident children in the class. The children have loved each session and have asked daily when the next one is. It has been very beneficial and I highly recommend it.”

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My ethos is to empower children from a young age to believe they can do anything they dream of.

Children have limitless potential and they are born knowing this. As parents we always encourage our children and motivate them to try new things. As we get older, some part of ourselves seems to get lost with societies rules and limitations.

If we look at the generation of children growing up now, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive! We can live anywhere in the world, we are all connected digitally by the internet, people are living in space and even exploring colonising other planets.

I wrote ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ which is about a little girl that loses her connection with her true-self. Sophie is so worried about what everyone else thinks, that she has forgotten to listen to the one person that really matters. When she has the help of a teacher and some magic spectacles she gains insight to her true nature. Sophie realises that she has the power to reach her dreams.

The spectacles are really a metaphor, to awaken our minds to see the true person inside. If we quiet our mind and listen carefully it always guides us, comes up with ideas and tells us what to do. We know instinctively that it is our inner guidance working because we feel truly happy with what we are doing. When we feel anxious, worried or stressed it is because we are not listening to our own inner guidance and going against it. When we are in touch with who we are, our whole body radiates happiness, it becomes infectious to those around us and things work out well for us!

I wrote this story to remind children and their families of their own inherent magnificence. To follow their dreams and hearts desires because this is what will make you truly happy. When you give yourself this opportunity, your life will change dramatically in so many positive ways.

With my very best wishes,

Sarah Griffiths

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