Well-Being Workshops Boost Children’s Confidence and Self-Esteem

Workshops at Ladygrove Primary School

Over the past few months from January to April 2019 I have had the privilege of working at Ladygrove Primary School in Telford. I started a one day workshop with Years 1, 2 and 3. Then I worked with Years 4, 5 and 6 over 7 sessions teaching my self-esteem and well-being workshops.

The sessions incorporate practical tools that children can use daily to support them to believe in themselves, look for the good in others and vision a future they believe in, that they are passionate about and can work towards now!

The sessions teach resilience, the power of the mind, affirmations, gratitude, meditation, empathy, kindness, forgiveness, daily healthy habits and instil confidence and build self-esteem. They incorporate a range of activities that are interactive, self reflective and promote a positive mindset.

Children took part in drama activities, group discussions, independent writing and recording, relaxation, visualisation and meditation techniques and theoretical work. Children were given an opportunity each session for self reflection. This is what is powerful about the workshops, as they tap into each individual child’s interests and passions. Children have time to explore what they enjoy and think about their dreams and aspirations now and for the future.  This gives children a new way of thinking and a way of being and demonstrates to children that they have limitless possibilities in their lives.  Children are taught that their way of thinking is key to how they feel on a moment to moment basis. When children acknowledge what is unique to them, it starts an exciting journey of how they will get there.

The sessions incorporate a holistic-approach to life. Looking at the whole of us and all areas of life that add to what make us happy.  Children are awakened to the incredible power of the mind and learn about how to change the way we think and how this can have an impact on how we see ourselves and others in the world. Through a positive approach to life children can see with clarity a new way of thinking and a new way to live. The practical tools that children learn enhance children’s lives with the uplifting ethos behind them.  Daily affirmations that support them to feel good and look for the good in themselves and others, daily meditations that teach children how to relax and vision things going well for them now and for the future. Children learn that gratitude and acknowledging all the good in their lives helps them to enjoy the now and attracts more goodness into their lives. Children learn that we have the power to think thoughts that we choose. When we think in a different way our brain makes new connections and we can literally change the way our brain is wired by learning to think in a way that benefits us! Children learn that there are many good daily habits we can use that can be embedded into our lives so we can be happy and successful now and enjoy an abundant life!

Key Statistics from the Workshops

From the workshops I have watched children flourish, grow in confidence and self-esteem!!
The sessions were very successful and 83% of children said that their self-esteem had improved since taking part in all of the 7 workshops.

81% of children said that their confidence had grown since taking part.

The session which children said had the highest impact, the one they most enjoyed and the practice they would most like to continue was: Visualisations and Meditation.

Comments from the children at Ladygrove Primary School

“My favourite workshop was visualisations and it helped me believe that I can do what I want to do and be what I want to be.”

“The workshops have helped me to feel more confident in myself and my feelings. They have helped me to boost my self-esteem. I feel that I will take this knowledge and experiences onto later life.”

“Today, I’ve got a concert (I play the flute)  I’m quite nervous about it, you’ve taught me to visualise it going well. Thank you Sarah, you’ve really helped me with these workshops.”

“The workshops have supported me because I feel like I have power of the mind.”

“Thank you Sarah because I have had the best time just being myself.”

“Nearly every night now I meditate before I go to bed. It really helps me as I get calm and relax my inner feelings.”

“Thank you for coming to our school really appreciated. We have learnt a lot.”

“This has helped me during school as SAT’s is coming up really soon now and I haven’t been worrying about it, instead I’ve been fine about it and been really calm and relaxed especially in marking SAT’s. I’ve also been a little nervous about secondary school but now after these workshops, I’m ready to go there.”

“The workshops have helped me because it has given me more confidence about myself and has also shown me how good I can be if I put my mind to it.”

“Affirmations. It is helping a lot! Thank you!”

“The workshops have helped me find what I like and what I am good at. It was an amazing experience to have for once in a lifetime!”

“The self-esteem session has helped me with family issues.”

Exciting times ahead….

It is evident that my stories and workshops have had a huge impact on children’s confidence and self-esteem. Children have been empowered and I have witnessed the most amazing experiences. I have watched children embracing the practices and witnessed their enthusiasm and engagement as they share with me, their hopes and dreams for the future. It is such a privilege and I feel so proud to be able support children through my workshops and well-being stories. Now that I have all of this important evidence, I can use it to share with the key people in education and it is my mission to make a real difference to how children are taught in schools. I want to share this very powerful ethos with children all over the world so that they can live the life that they choose and reach their dreams!

My new story Jack and the Genie is released this summer which is the 2nd book in the series and links to the very powerful workshop about visualising our dream life! I can’t wait to share this incredible new story with everyone!

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes,

Sarah xx

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