Well-Being for Life Event teaches children a new ethos

It is time for change and the time is NOW!

I am very excited to share with you all that I am holding a well-being for life event at Telford International Centre on 8th October 2020. The event is for 4000 Primary School Children in Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire Schools.

I believe wholeheartedly that it is time for change! Children and adults are suffering with their mental health. Now is the time I must take action.  My event supports children’s well-being through the medium of story-telling and visualisation. The event demonstrates how to look for the good in every day and change our perception, so that we learn from the challenges in our lives. My story performance teaches children self-empowerment, by demonstrating how to see the best in themselves and their own lives. Meditation gives children valuable time to reconnect with themselves, reflect and find out what is important to them.  There will also be guest speakers and musicians too.

Sarah’s Well-Being for Life Event – Thursday 8th October 2020 – Telford International Centre

My event for children is from aged 7-11 years. The event will introduce the importance of looking after our well-being throughout our lives. There will be 4000 children invited to the event with staff from Primary Schools in Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire schools. I will be performing my story on stage: “Finding Stones for Grandma”. There will also be key people invited to the event that have a strong focus on children’s well-being, mental health and education.

The Event

  • Key Note Speaker – TBC.
  • Performance of story on stage by Sarah Griffiths.
  • A guided visualisation and meditation for all.
  • Break for Lunch
  • Guest Musician TBC.
  • Guest Speaker TBC – The importance of well-being throughout our lives.


I want to share with you a little about myself so you can understand where I am coming from. I have always had a love of reading and writing. My parents always encouraged me from a very young age. When I started teaching, I wrote stories as a hobby and this has grown into a passion that I get to share as my career! Children’s stories are filled with adventure, imagination and magic.  We never forget our favourite stories and as an author I wanted to use my writing to connect with children and share important messages in a magical and creative way.

Evidence and evaluation

I have taught my well-being workshops to children in Primary Schools. I have gained important evidence that measures the impact that my work is having. I taught 120 students at Ladygrove Primary School aged 8-11 years, for over 2 months. I found out after evaluating children’s questionnaires that the visualisation and meditation practice had the most impact, was the most enjoyable and was the practice that pupils would use again. 88% of children’s self-esteem had grown after all 7 workshops. I had over 30 emails from students sharing how the workshops had benefitted them personally.  I knew instantly after this that I needed to do something to reach a wider audience.

The story ‘Finding Stones for Grandma’ is based on my beautiful Gran. Here is a picture of me with my Gran in 2007 on holiday in Portsmouth!

Story Blurb

This is a magical story about the bond between a Grandmother and her Granddaughter. With Lisa Williams’ beautiful illustrations the love and wisdom in this story shines through the pages.

One night, Grandma comes to stay and helps Eva overcome the challenges she is facing.  Grandma soothes Eva with her words and helps her to visualise things going well.

This is a beautiful rhyming tale that teaches children how to support their happiness and have a positive focus using the practice of visualisation and meditation. Through the magic of storytelling, we are awakened to the beauty of life and the love that exists in our humanity and on planet Earth.

What is the story based on?

Finding Stones for Grandma is based on my Gran who was the matriarch of our family she had 8 children and 22 grandchildren. My Gran lived in Southsea in Portsmouth and we would visit her twice a year.  We spent many wonderful holidays on the beach collecting stones for Gran and sharing precious times together. When I saw her, she would give me the biggest hug and squeeze me so tight and make everything feel wonderful.  My Gran had a kindness and wisdom about her and she would tell the most amazing stories about her life and ones that she would make up herself. The stones in the story are a metaphor for the beauty we choose to see in every day.  This book is a tribute to her, the love we shared together and the wisdom that she shared with the world. For the last few years of her life my Gran suffered with dementia and passed away in early 2017.

What does the story teach?

The story includes my daughter Eva. I wanted her to be a part of the story because she is the reason, I feel so driven to support children’s futures.  As a mother I want the best for my daughter’s future, but as an ex-teacher I want the best for all children’s futures.  The story was written to remind us about the beauty that exists all around us and is always there and our happiness is all in our perception – the way we choose to see things.

The story empowers children with a positive focus using the practice of visualisation and meditation. In society today children have such busy lives and need a way to relax and calm their mind. The story demonstrates how to quiet our mind and visualise things going well. It shows children that we have a choice how to feel and what we think about.

Why is this event so important?

My event celebrates our lives and teaches children a new ethos. To live each day sharing love as our intention, spreading kindness, building relationships, connecting us to each other and having a positive focus for our lives. There is so much to celebrate with our children. My work is all about inclusivity; it embraces every child, letting children be who they are. When we are at our very best, together the human race can make incredible things happen. This ethos unites us all, embraces our diversity and we stand together, living in harmony.

The event includes a performance of my story and then a visualisation practice with all 4000 children. There will be guest speakers and musicians to complement the event.

I am reaching out to you today to ask for pledges of support and funding that you can offer to make this event a reality for the children of Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire. Unity is what touches all of us, a coming together, sharing our talents and strengths, builds a strong community that thrives!

The Importance of my work

  • 1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom (i).
  • 1 in 6 young people aged 16-24 has symptoms of a common mental disorder such as depression or an anxiety disorder (ii).
  • Half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, with 75% by age 24 (iii).
  • In 2017, suicide was the most common cause of death for both boys (16.2% of all deaths) and girls (13.3%) aged between 5 and 19 (iv).
  • Nearly half of 17-19 year olds with a diagnosable mental health disorder has self-harmed or attempted suicide at some point, rising to 52.7% for young women (v). 1.
  • 1. https://youngminds.org.uk/about-us/media-centre/mental-health-stats/

As an experienced teacher and a mother, I want to do all I can to give children the best possible start in their lives.  By encouraging children to share their dreams, focus on their strengths, realise their limitless potential, and actively talk about their wellbeing from an early age, we can’t eradicate mental health issues, but we can foster a sense of being valued, of having the resilience and tools to deal with some of the bumps in the road of life, and of emotional health being as important as physical health.

To find out about the impact of my work here are some useful links:

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With love,

Sarah Griffiths

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