Visit to Daisy Chain at Old Hall Nursery in Wellington

On Friday 18th August 2017 I visited Daisy Chain Nursery at Oldhall in Wellington. This was my first official book reading to a group of children. When I arrived I was greeted with smiles and excitement from the children in the pre-school room. As I settled down to talk to the children, I had a wonderful feeling that this was the moment I had waited for. To be able to read my very own story to little ones was my dream come true! I asked the children to introduce themselves and they were all very polite and cheerful. I then introduced myself and someone very special. The star of the story – Douglas of course! The children thought he was great and gave him a big welcoming wave. As I started to read, the children sat beautifully and were completely engaged in the story. They loved the brightly coloured illustrations and when the part came where Douglas began to fly – they gasped with delight. I asked some questions about what would happen next and the children came up with some great ideas. When it came to the end of the story, I asked which part the children liked best. This was the really magical part because every child had a part that they enjoyed the most and I could tell that it had captured their imaginations. We sat and talked about what it would be like to be able to fly and if we could have a magic potion what would it be? I had a truly wonderful morning sharing my story and this is something I will never forget. As Douglas went on his magical journey in the sky, I feel like I am on my own exciting journey. I am so privileged to be able to visit nurseries and schools and help to inspire a young generation of readers and writers and I cannot wait to see where I will visit next. Sarah x

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