Talented Key Stage 2 children write enchanting spells, complete with creative ingredients to conjure the power of invisibility, flight, night vision and talking to animals!


On Tuesday 27th March 2018, I had the pleasure of teaching a very imaginative class of Year 3 and 4 children at Barrow Primary School for a creative writing workshop!

The session flowed very well after an author talk in the school hall. The children were eager to discover what was lurking inside the large treasure chest I had placed in front of them. Once opened the children were delighted to find magic spells inside!

Children explored the large brown paper bags full of magic in groups. Each bag contained a different magic spell, complete with recipe written on a scroll. There were glass jars and bottles that stored the magical ingredients to each spell. The children were thrilled to be able to explore what was in each jar and read the magic spell recipes.

There was time for children to really investigate the effective language in each spell and look at the connections between the ingredients and the magical potion’s power. The children had a sound knowledge of word categorisation and could locate adjectives, alliteration, adverbs and rhyme.

I loved building up the anticipation of the independent writing children were about to take part in. We explored the power of rhyme and played an interactive rhyming game. Next children had to find the missing word to finish the spell. I was very impressed with the children’s understanding and their awareness of more than one option of a rhyming word to complete the spell!

Finally, children begun their creative writing spell. The real magic started to happen when children had freedom to write and be creative! Here are some of the children’s wonderful spells:


“Firstly, add 5 feathers from a dead blackbird from the side of the road,

Maybe even a bit of toad!

Add a carrot too, then you have your see in the dark stew” (See in the dark spell)

“Pour in 5 feathers,

5 minutes later, add in the heat from the sun from all weathers.” (Talking to animals)

I supported children to develop their initial ideas, I offered encouragement and I was overwhelmed with the children’s finished pieces of writing!

They wrote magic spells for flying, invisibility, seeing in the dark, entering a computer game, for super speed, talking to animals and many more!

There are important reasons for developing children’s creativity in writing from a young age. Here are my top 10 reasons why creative writing is so important in the Primary Classroom:

  1. All children are engaged to write because of the exciting theme.
  2. Children are given the opportunity to explore and use their imagination.
  3. Writing with independence is an enjoyable experience and this creates positive connections with reading and writing.
  4. Children are confident to try out their own ideas.
  5. Children explore language and are given time to share their writing and make adjustments.
  6. Children’s creativity excels when they have a visual stimulus to inspire them.
  7. Children develop vocabulary through sharing ideas.
  8. Children develop speaking and listening skills whilst contributing to group discussions.
  9. Children gain a strong sense of achievement through sharing writing with their peers.
  10. Children improve and develop their writing skills by peer writing analysis.

Thank you to the wonderful staff and children from Barrow 1618 C of E Free School. It was such a privilege to work with you all. I am super excited to visit in the future with my next rhyming tale and to work with you all again!

Thank you for reading.

Best Wishes,

Sarah 😊

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