Superpower poems take Year 1 children on a spectacular journey full of adventure, imagination and the exploration of words!


On World Poetry Day, Wednesday 21st March 2018, I visited the Year 1 class at Millbrook Primary School for a very exciting workshop bursting with magic, wonder, pizazz and sparkle! Children were submerged into the wonderful and sublime world of poetry!

The session was linked to my magical rhyming tale Douglas’s Trousers. Children were taken on a journey to explore and experiment with words! Discovering the power of rhyme and how poems work using a rhythm.

Children read a magical poem called ‘Magic Me’ which was linked to my story ‘Douglas’s Trousers. The poem began with a magic potion smashing, whilst opening the attic door and the potion tipping everywhere! Here is the beginning of the poem:

“I found a wooden treasure box,

Inside were potions wrapped in socks,

A magic bottle smashed on the floor,

As I tried to close the attic door!


Drops over here,

And a splodge over there,

But most of it,

Went in my hair!


I turned magic straight away,

And felt my feet begin to sway,

Then my legs grew terribly tall,

And everyone looked very small!

The children explored the poem for effective adjectives and rhyme in a group activity. Next children discussed what magic superpower the potion would give them. I had colourful posters of different superpowers to spark the children’s imaginations! The magic powers on display were – To fly, to have super-speed, to grow giant, to travel in time, to hear animals talk and to disappear!

Children then entered into a discussion about what superpower they would choose and how would the magic start to change them. I loved the children’s enthusiasm, originality and excitement that they shared with me! I was eager to start them writing and I couldn’t wait to see the poems they produced!

We looked at a rhyming mat for each superpower. For example, To fly, all the rhyming words that matched: e.g. bye, high, lie, my, sky, tie why etc. This was a great way to support the children’s ideas for their poem. Children had fantastic awareness of how the superpower would change them physically and we also discussed what the superpower would enable them to do.

Next children were given a poetry plan to help them sequence their ideas into 5 parts. The planning sheet was sectioned with headings: What is your superpower? What happened to you? Where did you go? What do you see? What changed with the magic? How do you get back to normal? This gave the children a focus and they were able to write some wonderful poems with some support, encouragement and guidance. Here are two of the poems from the Year 1 children:

Children talked about how they would feel to be magic and went on an adventure with words! Children were supported with their ideas to each produce a ‘Magic Me’ poem.

“I saw people waving at me,

I felt like a celebrity!”

The children were engaged throughout the session and couldn’t wait to share their poems with me! I was overwhelmed with the quality of their writing. The Year 1 Class had used their imaginations, creativity, they had fun and produced a poem to be proud of!


I was delighted to be able to Celebrate World Poetry Day with the Year 1 children at Millbrook Primary School. It is such a privilege to be able to support teachers and inspire children’s writing using my magical story as a focus! I am super excited about my workshops and I am developing more creative writing and poetry workshops for my next rhyming stories. If you are a school that is interested in booking a session please get in touch on the contact page.

Thank you for reading!

Best Wishes,

Sarah 😊



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