Sophie’s Spectacles Workshops

Sophie’s Spectacles Well-Being Workshop (Suitable for Primary age 6-11 years)

Awaken children to their limitless potential and true magnificence!


Sessions Include:

  • An introduction to the 6 areas that are key to building Self-Esteem in our lives: Relationships, School life, Personal Development and Connection with Others, Prosperity, Fun, Play and Pursuing Passions.
  • The importance of gratitude in our daily lives. Children learn how being thankful each day can attract more happiness into their lives.
  • Exploring affirmations and how the power of I AM statements can support us on a daily basis.
  • A guided meditation session and discussion of how daily practice can transform children’s way of thinking to focus on happiness now and for their futures.

The session is for 1 hour and is the perfect follow up activity after an Author visit.

The workshop is for 1 class and suitable for 30 children.

The cost is £75.00 per session.


Sophie’s Spectacles – Self-esteem and Well-being Workshops (Primary 6-11 years)


Welcome to a whole program of seven workshops for children and teachers. Strategies are taught that can be used daily to support children’s wellbeing and emotional health. The program includes 7 sessions each lasting 1 hour.

  1. Storytelling of ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ and an introduction to self-esteem.
  2. The power of the mind.
  3. Attitude of gratitude.
  4. The power of affirmations.
  5. Visualisations and your dream life.
  6. Empathy and forgiveness.
  7. Good daily habits for a happy, successful and abundant life.


The sessions are for 1 hour and are the perfect follow up activities after an Author visit.

The workshops are for 1 class and suitable for 30 children.

The cost is £75.00 per session. For all 7 Workshops the cost is £500.00


Sophie’s Spectacles Creative Crafts (Suitable for Nursery age 3-5 years)

Help children to see their inner beauty with this creative workshop.


Session includes:

  • A book reading with props to bring the story to life and awaken children’s imaginations.
  • Discussion of the story and favourite parts.
  • A craft session where children make their own magic spectacles like Sophie. Children learn to see their own true magnificence!

The session is for 1 hour and 30 minutes for a maximum of 30 children.

The cost is £80 per session.


* For bookings outside the Shropshire area there will be additional charges for travel.