Inspiring Children’s Writing and Creativity with Douglas’s Trousers

This year has been the start of my incredible new career as a Children’s Author. I would like to share some of the work that children have created after listening to my story. As an experienced teacher it has been a wonderful experience to be able to inspire children’s writing and creativity with my story ‘Douglas’s Trousers’. The schools’ I have worked with have been so supportive and it has been extremely rewarding to see examples of some of the Children’s work inspired by my story.

I visited Lawley Village Primary Academy on Monday 20th November 2017. The Children focused on the Character of Douglas and his magic trousers:

“We designed our own cape based on being able to fly because of the magic trousers in the book. On Wednesday we described the cape and on Thursday we wrote a diary entry to describe how it would feel to fly”


The children have used some very effective descriptive words: “High in the huge sky I stood. On the edge of a sky scraper.”

“My cape is as shiny as glimmering stars.”

The designs for Douglas’s magic cape are brilliant, colourful and imaginative!

I visited Beckbury C of E Primary School on 30th October 2017. The children wrote a newspaper report based on Douglas flying over the town. The children have used some fantastic alliteration, “Dangerous Douglas is Doomed!”

Children also recorded their news reports on camera and discussed what they did well and what they could improve next time!

Children also coloured in beautifully their very own picture of Douglas flying over his school:


I have written a poem about this wonderful journey so far and what it means to me:

Sharing my love of stories and my passion for rhyme,

Engaging children’s interest and inspiring little minds!

Developing children’s reading and their writing too,

Through excitement and enjoyment,

Children’s creativity shines through!

As I share my stories – I see a little spark,

A child’s imagination is awakened from the dark!

Filled with motivation, enchantment and with wonder….

The little spark that started,  turns to lightning then to thunder!

I celebrate with children the power they have to write,

Giving them the encouragement, their ideas, burning bright!!

I love to read to children and I always bring great fun,

It is magical to see the start, of the writers they become!!

I am overwhelmed with the positive feedback from staff and children. Below I have included my special message and aim as a Children’s Author:

Sarah’s Message

To immerse children in the wonderful world of rhyming stories and support them to become strong readers and writers of the future!

To share my love of rhyme and story-telling with all children. To instill a love of rhyme and stories in children’s daily lives and help them to develop a rich range of language.

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