Imagine a world where we can all live out our dreams…

Over the past few months the most extraordinary things have been happening…

Writing ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ and the workshops that run alongside the story have marked the start of something very special. As an experienced teacher and now children’s author, I have always loved to support children and watch them flourish and reach their true potential.

Following my own journey of personal growth, I found the internationally acclaimed expert on self-esteem, Dr Joe Rubino. When reading his books ‘Restore your magnificence’ and ‘31 Ways to Champion Children to Develop High Self-Esteem’, I had a ‘light-bulb’ moment! Dr Joe has taught me a new way to think, a way that supports my future and success. My thought processes are more positive, I feel happier now and I have a clear vision for the future.

Dr Joe’s wisdom inspired me to write the story of ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ one Sunday afternoon in June this year. As soon as it was written I knew I needed to share the important message in the story with the world! I thought about different options of how to publish the book and how to make the biggest impact locally and then internationally. This was how my sponsorship project was born.

With the support of local businesses, I have been able to publish my story and I have had support with marketing and PR from Lorna McCann PR and Andy Rao from Key3Media! I have met the most wonderful people at Network meetings and I have built relationships with businesses that have been crucial to the success of my project. It feels incredible to work with people that share my mission to support children to be mentally strong, celebrate their magnificence and transform their self-esteem.  I have been incredibly lucky to work with the talented illustrator Lisa Williams, she is part of Team Author UK. Lisa has brought to life the characters and the magic of inner beauty to the story. The book is beautiful to look at and hold in your hand! I can’t wait for parents, grandparents, carers and teachers to share my story with children!

I want to say a huge thank you to all the sponsors of the project:

Vinay Najran and Rizwaan Makda – Specsavers Telford

Andy Rao – Key 3 Media

Sue Miller – Team Author UK

Michael Barrett – Michael Barrett Financial Services

Paul Delahay – Tutor Doctor Telford

Lorna McCann – Lorna McCann PR

Phyl Edmonds – Severn Intervention Services

Fay Strangwood – Ironbridge Training Consultants

Nigel West – Fiveways Insurance Group

A new partnership has been formed with Jill Purcell from the charity S4S Foundation. Their aim is to advance education and promote good physical and mental health amongst young people, their families and wider communities.

I feel privileged to be working with Jill to secure funding for my self-esteem workshops. I met Jill at a network meeting and I really believe in the saying, ‘being in the right place at the right time!’ This funding will enable local children in the West Midlands area to access my workshops and make a real difference to their mental health, wellbeing and emotional health.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Dr Joe Rubino and I was able to share my story with him of how I wrote Sophie’s Spectacles, because of the wisdom in his books! I was so fortunate to connect with Dr Joe, because of the support and kindness from a lovely lady, Jo ‘Happiness’ Howarth. Dr Joe has written a testimonial for my book, which is featured in the publication!

“Sarah Griffiths’ “Sophie’s Spectacles” is an uplifting gift of empowerment and self-esteem elevation for children. Every child deserves to have a copy to remind them of their inherent magnificence when they forget.”

–          Dr. Joe Rubino

Creator of and

Author of “31 Ways to Champion Children to Develop High Self-Esteem”

Dr Joe is also sharing my story in his newsletter this November, which goes out to his followers world-wide!

Whilst on a ‘Good2Great’ business course I met an inspiring lady called Ally Benbow, who put me in touch with Felicity Wingrove from Zen communications. I have been overwhelmed at the support that Felicity and her team have offered to support my project and I can’t wait to share our plans and see the impact of this over the next few months!

I have visited many nurseries and primary schools over the past year and I have been inspired by the children I have met. Back in March this year I went to Barrow Primary School in Shropshire. While teaching a workshop about creative writing, I met Lucia who was so enthusiastic about her writing. I am in contact with her mum, Sharon and I have had some wonderful news this week, that Lucia’s story has been published ‘The Cat with Catitude’ in the book, ‘Toy Story – Authors from the West Midlands’. I spoke to Sharon on my visit and she explained how Lucia adored writing stories and was excited that an author was visiting her school. Only a few months later Lucia has had her own story published! Being able to inspire children through my stories and workshops is such an incredible feeling.

In September I visited Morville Primary School, where I worked for 10 years as a teacher. This was the second time I had visited as a children’s author. The response from the children and teachers was wonderful and the school sent a story about my visit and photograph to the local paper. Being featured in the Bridgnorth Journal with the children from Morville was a very proud moment. I grew up in Bridgnorth and to be able to share my passion for storytelling with a new generation is incredibly rewarding.

Now with my brand-new story ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ I want to share with children how they can reach their true potential.

My book launch is on Saturday 17th November at 2 pm – 4 pm and I am thrilled to hold the launch at Morville Primary School. This is a free event and everyone is welcome.

Imagine a world where we can all live out our dreams! It is all possible if we can just change the way we think. My mission is to work with as many schools as possible to share my stories and teach my workshops. I will be contacting schools from the start of next week about ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ and how my workshops can benefit schools locally.

If you are a school that would like to know more, please send an email to:

By encouraging children to share their dreams, focus on their strengths, realise their limitless potential and actively talk about their wellbeing from an early age we can’t eradicate mental health issues, but we can foster a sense of being valued, of having resilience and tools to deal with the bumps in the road of life and of emotional health being as important as physical health.

Here’s to inspiring futures and reaching all our dreams!

Best Wishes,

Sarah 😊



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