“I speak the words and they sing to your ears.” My wonderful world of rhyme and storytelling


“I speak the words and they sing to your ears”

This is my analogy of how my rhyming stories are so special for children to hear!

I would like to share some of my experiences about why rhyme and storytelling is so important to me and what I have learnt about by writing for children!

When I started teaching in 2004 a wonderful world of storytelling was opened up to me. It was my absolute favourite part of teaching. As I sat with the children and shared a story by Julia Donaldson ‘Room on the Broom’ the sheer delight and excitement that radiated from the children and from myself was incredible. I found that rhyming stories offered something extra special to children

It was extremely noticeable that children were thriving in their learning when I gave them the opportunity to write their own poem or rhyming story.

Demonstrating to children how to find rhyming strings and then develop ideas around the topic. Children’s excitement and enthusiasm was infectious. Their creativity was shining and they were able to express themselves without rigid structures.

I remember a colleague of mine coming into my class and she was so impressed by the children’s involvement and the sheer enjoyment in their writing.

I have just published my 2nd book ‘George and Maude’ and this has reached number 6 in the Amazon top 10 Bestsellers! My amazing career as a storyteller, author and teacher has touched thousands of children. The feeling I have when I see a child reading my book, just takes my breath away! Knowing that I have used my creativity and turned it into a story for children to enjoy and share together. But also, to have an impact on their imaginations and add to the richness of their reading experiences. It reinforces that if you have a dream that is so strong you can see it, feel it and touch it, you can make it happen. When I was a teacher it was just a dream but I chose to use my passion and excitement to bring it into reality.

There is a positive energy and a connection to my true purpose in what I am feeling and what is happening around me. I was meant to be a children’s author and I was meant to share my passion for story writing and the amazing world of imagination, creativity and delight that comes with it! I commit to sharing this with as many children around the world as possible. I am on an incredible and personal journey to share my experiences with children about self-belief and how powerful it can be if you really listen to what you want to do. It is such a privilege to talk to the younger generation about how I became an author. I want to teach children about self-esteem and for them to understand the power of our mind. There will always be challenges but they are there to teach you about yourself and others. I have learnt that what you truly believe can turn into reality.

What is so powerful about what I do is that I have combined my skills of teaching, storytelling, love of rhyme and performance. I have created stories and workshops that inspire both children and teachers. The rhythm and rhyme captivate children’s attention and takes them on a journey where they use a combination of skills and this has an impact on their concentration and sheer enjoyment of sharing a story!

There is a huge amount of research about how rhyme in stories can impact children’s performance in literacy; in reading, writing and speaking and listening!

I love this research that I found and as a teacher reinforces what I know to be true:

“Children with good understanding of rhyme from an early age vastly outperformed those who had little exposure to it before they started school.”

 (March 8, 2016 by Anna Ranson – The Imagination Tree)

By adding a rich range of texts, poems, stories and nursery rhymes to children’s everyday lives can make the biggest impact on children’s literacy enjoyment, performance and life-long love of reading!

Reading is essential to many aspects of our life, it builds understanding, builds vocabulary, helps to learn new things, improves memory and boosts imagination and creativity!

As I continue to write my stories and share them with a generation of children, I feel truly that I am following my life purpose. We only have one life and we should live it fully with fun and with love and passion for what we do.

Thank you for reading.

With my very best wishes,

Sarah xx

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