Embrace your Creative Talents

As a young child, I used to sit for hours reading stories and numbering the pages in my picture books. I loved to tell stories to my sisters and to my toys. As I began to write at the age of 5, I enjoyed making up my own stories and illustrating them with colourful pictures. There is nothing better than letting your imagination take you to places that you dream of. I remember my teacher was so impressed with me because of an imaginative book I had written at the age of 11. The teacher was so pleased with my work that she sent me to read my story to the reception class!

I knew then that this was something that I loved to do and I was good at it. As the years went by my school work became more pressured and I found there wasn’t the time to write stories and use my imagination. I was focussed on achieving high results so that I could go onto university in the future.

I look back now and I wish I could talk to my younger self. I would say “Don’t forget to write and don’t forget that your creativity is always with you.” Everyone has an interest they are good at and that they enjoy doing. It seems that in todays world creativity doesn’t come top of the list. Schools are more concerned with the academic side of teaching, by constantly testing and measuring progress.  Tapping into children’s creativity at a young age is fundamental to their development in the future. Creativity inspires children and gives them confidence in what they enjoy and sparks an interest for life.

When I write today I can still feel the buzz of excitement in my stomach. I can feel waves of anticipation at what I will come up with next. To be creative is to be able to express yourself in whichever way suits you. This may be through writing, drawing, painting, singing, acting or teaching, the list is endless.

Something very special starts to happen when you involve yourself in talents and hobbies that you love. I feel like writing has found me again. It has tapped me on my shoulder and said “Come on Sarah, we have lots of stories to write!”

Believe in yourself and great things can happen. When I started to write again exciting opportunities have come along and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I would love to hear your stories of creativity.


Sarah x

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