Tom’s Gift

Tom’s Gift

Journey with Tom as he discovers his passion for singing at a young age. When Tom auditions for the school choir, he captivates his teacher with his spell-binding voice.

Launching on the 14th September

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About the Book

“The music teacher, Mr Wren,

Was wonderfully impressed.

He held auditions for the choir,

“Well Tom, that voice, you’re blessed!”

A heart-warming tale for children, revealing the power of music and the positive impact we can have on the world around us, when we share our gifts.

Tom’s Gift has its own song.’ There is a QR Code to scan using a device of your choice, to listen and sing along.


Written by Sarah Griffiths

Music by Steve Timberlake

Vocals by Hadley Learning Community Primary Choir

Vocal Solo by Alex Monteiro

Genre: Childrens
Illustrator: Lisa Williams
ASIN: 1999975898
ISBN: 9781999975890
List Price: £9.99
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