The Lost Voices

The Lost Voices

A spiritual tale for all children about the sacred journey of humanity here on Earth. Filled with mystery, soul magic and enchantment, this story weaves Andean cosmology with Greek mythology.

Who do ‘The Lost Voices,’ belong to? Why is NOW the time we must learn to reconnect with our soul voice?

Join Shiri as she shares her story with the world.

A beautifully illustrated book, aimed at 6–11-year-olds to share the wisdom of our ancestors with our children.

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About the Book

A poetic tale written for children about the journey of humanity here on Earth. Inspired by Greek myths and Andean cosmology, the story begins as we meet our ancestors, living in peace, love and harmony. Next, we meet the ‘Earth Keepers,’ enlightened spiritual beings sent to Earth to support humanity and its evolution. Each keeper is unique, supporting the Earth’s elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Shiri is the keeper of the ‘soul voice,’ her invisible golden thread connects humanity to their soul song. There are dark and mysterious forces at play and Shiri is captured and taken to another dimension. Shiri’s absence causes a great disconnection and humanity can no longer hear the truth that speaks to them from their heart. This book was written for our time, sharing with children that the planet desperately needs our help and how connecting to our soul’s calling will heal the Earth and unite humanity. ‘The Lost Voices,’ invites children to connect to this ancient wisdom to find their joy, fulfilment and live their own purposeful life.  

The story has its very own song; ‘Shiri’s Soul Song.’ There is a QR Code to scan using a device of your choice, to listen and sing along, bringing Shiri’s soul magic to life for children.

Publisher: Sarah Griffiths Author
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Paperback
Length: 44
Illustrator: Lizzy D. Hill
ASIN: 199997588X
ISBN: 9781999975883
List Price: £9.99
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