Sophie’s Spectacles

Sophie’s Spectacles

An extraordinary story about a 7-year-old little girl called Sophie.

Sophie can't seem to see the good in herself. With the help of a teacher and some magic spectacles, Sophie gains true insight to her inner-self.

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About the Book

Sophie sees the amazing connection we have to one another and that we all have a gift that makes us shine!

“Sophie looked into the window,

And what she saw in her reflection,

Was the beauty from within,

That shone back in the projection!”

Sophie regains her self-esteem and can see that she has the power to reach her dreams! The compelling message in this story is that we all have one life and we are magnificent. We can all be the very best versions of ourselves, if we can just change the way we think!


Sarah’s message behind Sophie’s Spectacles:

My message for children through my story ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ is to celebrate your uniqueness.  I want to support children to uncover their dreams, their passions and embrace their strengths. To be who they are and to love who they are! Children all have something special to offer. At a time of great climate and environmental change, poverty, health and economic crisis and war in the middle-east, our world needs us more than ever and is depending on us! We need children who have high self-esteem and are the innovators and game changers of our future!

Sophie Spectacles is part of an amazing international story project

My brand-new story project aims to transform children’s self-esteem and tackle the growing issue of young children suffering with mental health issues. My story ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ is so extraordinary because it combines my own personal experience of teaching children, with the transformational power of self-belief. Working with young children as an experienced Primary School Teacher has given me real-life insight into children’s behaviours. It is clear that so many children are suffering with their mental health from a very young age. My project aims to tackle this head-on from children as young as 3 up to 11 years and beyond!

I am excited to work with local businesses that are keen to support my world-wide project to improve and transform children’s mental health.

My mission is so exciting because my story will be promoted to a world-wide audience. Local businesses will be supporting a local author. The publication of my story will help to support thousands of local children in Primary Schools across Shropshire and beyond to teach self-esteem workshops! The generosity of local businesses will be helping to spread my important message to the world, that we are all magnificent and we can do anything we desire, if we could only change the way we think!


I will also be donating 10% of funds raised to the charity Partnership for Children. This is an independent charity which promotes the mental health and emotional well-being of children around the world.

I aim to start the funding project in August and to have the story ready for launch and promotion in November 2018.

Genre: Childrens
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 38
Illustrator: Lisa Williams
ASIN: 1999975820
ISBN: 9781999975821
List Price: £7.99
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