George and Maude

George and Maude

This is an entertaining and amusing rhyming tale about a nosy old lady called Maude and her clever pet parrot George.

Maude enjoys nothing more than taking care of herself by trying the latest looks in her books and smothering George with kisses.


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About the Book


George is a gifted parrot and he loves to imitate the postman and the local policeman:


“George really was a clever bird,

He loved to copy every word!

He could even mimic a person’s voice,

The postman was his favourite choice!”


Using an ingenious idea, George saves Maude from an intruder in her house:

“When everyone was fast asleep,

That very night there was a creak,

The back door began to open,

Goodness gracious, the lock was broken!”

This is a wonderful tale of friendship and taking care of one another.

Genre: Childrens
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 44
ISBN: 9781999975814
List Price: £7.99
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