Sarah Griffiths

Exemplary Author of Children's Books

Sarah is the Founder of ‘Enriching Young Minds.’  Sarah's author enterprise teaches children through the power of storytelling, the importance of connecting to their inner selves, building self-esteem and self-empowerment. Sarah delivers programs that speak to the individual child, giving them time for self-reflection, teaching practices and techniques that enrich their daily lives, support their emotional health and wellbeing, and take them on a powerful journey of self-discovery.

Sarah is the author of 10 rhyming tales for children, which are specifically crafted to engage children’s imaginations and teach them how to connect with their inner selves. Sarah shares with children how to unlock the key to their own self-empowerment, discovering the magic inside themselves and leading them to success and happiness throughout their lives.

Sarah supports the wider community, visiting hundreds of schools across the West Midlands in England to develop children's love for stories, for reading and writing for pleasure.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in English and Education, plus a Post Graduate Degree in Primary Education.

Sarah is a former primary school teacher, she has a wealth of experience planning, developing, and delivering programs and schemes across the primary phase.

Sarah continues her own personal development through training programs and personal growth literature. She is deeply passionate about teaching children and families the importance of self-development and how to unlock the power within themselves.

Sarah lives in Shropshire with her husband, their young daughter, and their dog Dash.