I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to my children’s author site!
Please enjoy exploring and reading my rhyming tales!


Tom's Gift

Journey with Tom as he discovers his passion for singing at a young age. When Tom auditions for the school choir, he captivates his teacher with his spell-binding voice.


The Lost Voices

A spiritual tale for all children about the sacred journey of humanity here on Earth. Filled with mystery, soul magic and enchantment.


Leon's Magic Mantra

From a young age, diving Olympic medallist, Leon Taylor recognised how sport brought him so much JOY.


Hayley’s Ribbon

An empowering story about the early life of Australian Women’s Football star, Hayley Raso.


When the Fireflies Came

Alex is a young boy who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.


Finding Stones for Grandma

This is a magical story about the bond between a child and her grandmother.


George and Maude

This book is an entertaining and amusing rhyming tale about a nosy old lady called Maude and her clever pet parrot George.


Sophie’s Spectacles

An extraordinary story about a 7-year-old little girl called Sophie, who just can't seem to see the good in herself.


Jack and the Genie

An enchanting story about a little boy called Jack who carries his sketch book wherever he goes.


Douglas's Trousers

Children of all ages will love this magical tale of a little boy called Douglas, who flies to extraordinary heights to help save his school.


Bounce Back Jack

Jack loves everything about sport. But when things start to go wrong for him, Jack gets discouraged.


Open up the pages,
And take a little look,
Rhyming children's tales,
Inside this story book.
Escape to brand new places,
And meet new people too,
The first adventure tells the story,
About a boy who flew....







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