I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to my children’s author site!
Please enjoy exploring and reading my rhyming tales!


Finding Stones for Grandma

This is a magical story about the bond between a child and her grandmother.


George and Maude

This book is an entertaining and amusing rhyming tale about a nosy old lady called Maude and her clever pet parrot George.


Sophie’s Spectacles

An extraordinary story about a 7-year-old little girl called Sophie, who just can't seem to see the good in herself.


Jack and the Genie

An enchanting story about a little boy called Jack who carries his sketch book wherever he goes.


Douglas's Trousers

Children of all ages will love this magical tale of a little boy called Douglas, who flies to extraordinary heights to help save his school.


Open up the pages,
And take a little look,
Rhyming children's tales,
Inside this story book.
Escape to brand new places,
And meet new people too,
The first adventure tells the story,
About a boy who flew....







Highlights of the launch of Sophie's Spectacles

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